Sue Ann Stabley

About Me

Sue Ann found the 5Rhythms® in 2006, or it found her,  as ever since the embrace it has been a ride of the wave non stop. She has been a committed student ever since and continues to be a student of the practice today.  She embarked upon the teaching path in 2013 and completed her Teacher Training (Waves®) in 2014.

As well as being a certified 5Rhythms® teacher, Sue Ann has a diverse background. She holds a Bachelors Degree is Healthcare Administration with a minor in Information Technology and also holds a certificate in Gerontology  from the University of Washington.  She worked for 37 years in various leadership positions utilizing these skills.

Sue Ann is a trained Massage Therapist and through this training has developed a focus in Vibrational Sound Therapy. She has inactivated her massage licenses in the states of Hawaii and Washington while retaining and developing her focus in sound therapy.

All the while, Sue Ann has been doing her own work, working with various teachers along the way. A life's journey, continuing everyday along the path as it offers up. 

Sue Ann lives in the Northwest with her family.