Sue Ann Stabley

The 5Rhythms

We dance, we let go, we become... again, again and again

There are no steps to learn other than your own. There is no pace to follow other than the unique energy flowing through you. This practice is for every body, regardless of age, shape, orientation or condition. All you need is a willingness to move and be moved. Come exactly as you are and leave changed.

The 5Rhythms® -Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical Stillness™ - are states of Being. They are a map to everywhere we want to go - on all planes of consciousness - inner and outer - forward and back - physical, emotional and intellectual. They are markers on the way back to a real self - a vulnerable, wild, passionate, instinctive and intuitive self.

Flowing: We physically practice the art of breaking in and discover being fluid in our bodies. Flowing is the pipeline to our inner truth, the impulse to follow the flow of one’s own energy, to be true to oneself—listening and attending to our needs, receptive to our inner and outer worlds. When we open up to the flow of our physical beings, all other pathways open.

Staccato: We physically practice the potency of breaking out, with definition and energy that is percussive and strong and promotes connection with the rest of the world. Staccato is the gateway to the heart. It shows us how to step out into the world connected to our feet and our feelings. This rhythm is the ruler of our linear world, the ruler of the warrior part of us, the part of us that shows up as truth and clarity. It is the part of us that stands up for what we care about, who we love, and what we love.

Chaos: We physically practice the art of breaking down and breaking through - dissolving all of the parts we hold onto - fully releasing our bodies. We let go of the head, spine, hips and feet and move faster than we can think. Chaos breaks us free of our illusions and throws us headfirst into the beat. It takes us on the journey from “I can’t” to “I will”. The simple practices of Chaos immediately bring us back to our bodies, to the moment. This rhythm liberates us from all ideas about who we think are and gives us a real experience of being free, intuitive and creative.

Lyrical: We physically practice the art of breaking through - lightening up - where the dancer disappears and we become the dance. It is the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual dancing rebirth. The practice of Lyrical teaches us how to let go of destructive patterns and surrender into the depths of the fluid, creative repetitions of our soulful self, bubbling up and bubbling over. Changing perspective, we see with new eyes the integrity and dignity that (we often forget) resides within.

Stillness: We physically practice the art of  breaking free - detachment - moving in slow motion - like highly unpredictable meditative Tai Chi masters. We become a vessel that keeps moving and changing as shapes from the past, the present and the future come through us - shapes of the Feminine and the Masculine and the magic space between. Stillness moves within, through and all around us, where we take responsibility for our entire journey and distill our wisdom.

5Rhythms® descriptions and registered trademarks used by permission of Gabrielle Roth and the Moving Center School.